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October, 20 2020

EnerTrans and Yeager Energy Announce Strategic Partnership

October 20th, 2020 – EnerTrans and Yeager Energy are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Enertrans’ leading district heating network development and operating expertise with Yeager Energy’s extensive sub-surface energy and project management expertise.

The EnerTrans – Yeager Energy partnership is a powerful combination of companies and is expected to make a significant impact in the heat energy transition in The Netherlands. By leveraging the complementary skills and knowledge from each company an integrated surface and sub-surface approach will result in the optimisation of the entire sustainable heat supply chain (from ‘source to sales’).

The goal with this approach is to realise greater efficiencies and lower costs leading to an innovative, sustainable, and most importantly a reliable and affordable heat supply to industries, businesses, greenhouses and consumers. The companies will jointly develop the complete heat supply chain form the source (geothermal and other sustainable sources of heat), transportation and distribution (District Heating Networks), to the sales of heat.

The founders of Yeager Energy and EnerTrans are seasoned professionals with long standing careers in the energy, utilities, district heating and financial sectors.

About EnerTrans
EnerTrans develops and operates district heating projects including for top tier customers. This involves modelling, design and construction of district heating networks as well as the transportation, distribution and sales of heat and customer support. EnertTrans operates with its sister companies Energy Engineering Solutions (EES) Holland B.V. and Nijkamp Energiedistributie B.V.

About Yeager Energy
Yeager Energy has a number of geothermal exploration licenses under application and is currently evaluating a significant number of additional geothermal energy opportunities. Yeager Energy has the capabilities to explore, appraise, develop, operate and maintain geothermal energy projects (technical and non-technical). Yeager Energy is an approved Geothermal Operator.


For more information on EnerTrans please contact:
•    Werner Boom, Director EnerTrans

For more information about Yeager Energy please contact:
•    Robin Hamersma, Director Yeager Energy


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