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Founding partners

EnerTrans was founded by EES International and Alpheon Energy.

Focus is on the development and operation of district heating networks. In addition EnerTrans provides services to energy companies for the operation and installation of their district heating networks and related assets.

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Energy Engineering Solutions (EES) was founded in 2013. It provides a broad range of services to district heating companies:


EES is a specialist in:


  • Project development of sustainable energy projects: this includes the design of district heating network in relation to heat generation (locally available heat sources) and heat demand.

  • Implementation and management of operating systems for integrated optimization of heat plants and heating grids

  • Implementation and monitoring of data management and metering systems

  • Offering full customer service organisation (including billing systems and dedicated customer / call centres)

  • 24/7 services ranging from plant management to support for the end heat customer

  • Also see: website EES

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Alpheon Energy

  • Alpheon was founded in 2008 in the UK by TNT and later bought out  by management.

  • Alpheon started off as a specialist advisor on sustainable energy, focusing on decentral energy generation  & energy efficiency.

  • After starting of in the UK, focus shifted to The Netherland and Belgium, both on advisory services and project development support.

  • For projects in the heat market this resulted in partnering with EES and establishing EnerTrans.

  • Alpheon has developed contacts with funding partners (The Netherlands, France, UK) to ensure access to project funding for both clients and own projects.

  • Alpheon partners have a long track record in the energy market, and include senior positions with Essent, E.ON and Accenture.

  • Also see: website Alpheon

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Nijkamp Aanneming is specialized in the construction of district heating networks.

Nijkamp is a 'sister company' of EES International. As such, EnerTrans has access to the services, know how and capacity of Nijkamp. This is an advantage in a market where construction capacity will become even more scarce over time.

However, EnerTrans is free to work with other constructors as well.


Profile of Nijkamp Aanneming:

  • Nijkamp is one of  the main ‘infrastructure construction’ companies in the Dutch market, specializing in construction and installation of district heating networks

  • Nijkamp is building district heating network for the leading energy companies and grid owners in the Netherlands, such as GasUnie, Enexis, Vattenfal (Nuon) and Eneco

  • Nijkamp is supported with engineering, software and network management systems by EES

  • Staff is around 125 people

  • Nijkamp also has installation capacity for heat and cold storage systems

  • Also see: website Nijkamp

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