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EnerTrans is currently developing a number of projects, including the ones mentioned below.

(Additional projects relating to district heating networks sourced with geotheral heat are being developed jointly with Yeager Energy - see Strategic Partnerships)

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This project relates to the Rotterdam area Schiebroek. Between now and 2035 over 10.000 houses will be disconnnected from the fossil gas heating grid. In order to enable this Entertrans is developing a district heating network in cooporation with the local stakeholders.

In the initial phase the main source will be residual heat from data centers in combination with collective heat pumps powered by green electricity. Additional heat sources are being investigated. This includes geothermal heat from exploration licenses held by Engie/Hydreco GeoMec and Shell.

EnerTrans is leading the project. Key stakeholders include the housing corporations. For them it is essential to secure heat delivery to their tenants at acceptable pricing and high comfort levels.


Project summary:


  • Network length  60 kilometer

  • # heat (sub)stations  40

  • # B2C, homes  > 10.000 (single family homes + apartments)

  • # B2B  > 350  (includes businesses, health/elderly care, schools, offices)

  • Total heat demand  450.000 GJ / annum

  • Production capacity  > 100 MWth

  • Project capex  > € 100M

  • Roll-out from 2021until 2030/2035



EnterTrans initiated this project is cooperation with the municipality. As part of the local heat transition plan - and based on the input of external advisors - it was concluded that for a major part of the region Gilze-Rijen requires a 'high temperature solution'.

The project is being jointly developed with the main housing corporation and the local business community. The military airbase at Gilze-Rijen also seeks a sustainable solution which may result in connecting to the scheme.

The initial intention was to generate heat from local biomass  (mainly wood chips). For the biomass plant a multi-million SDE subsidy has been granted by the Dutch goverment. This  allows for subsidized heat for the residents of the municipality. However, recent discussions about the sustainabilty of wood based schemes have led to the decision not to use this heat source. Therefore 

new sources are being investigated, including geothermal heat.



EnerTrans is part to a project discussions relating to:

  • Heat source based on geothermal heat (third party owning the exploration license)

  • EnterTrans development roles:

    • Network operator

    • Heat Supplie

    • Supply and installation of heat stations

  • Local initiative received Elena subsidy



EnerTrans is part of project discussions relating to:

  • Grid owner of a District Heating Network

  • Heat source using geothermal heat (third party owning the exploration license)

  • Heat supply to apartment buildings

  • Enertans to deliver:

    • Network operations district heating

    • Operation and maintenance services

    • Customer Information Systems and Billing

  • Early stage project development

  • Development of contract with municipality and housing corporation

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